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6 Tips To Make Your Home Cozy For Winter!

Currently, the weather can be summarized as almost winter. It's not too warm or too cold, and not exactly autumn either. Instead, it's close to becoming a full-blown winter. 

How can you make the waiting part less depressing and more exciting? 

Decorate, of course! 

Whether you wish to move a few things around your bedroom, give it a complete makeover, or get some seasonal accessories to perk things up a little, it is worth the effort to spend some time preparing in advance. 

Sound advice, isn't it? 

“Do it in advance, so you won't have to do it later.”

Anyway, we would definitely think of making our home, apartment, dorm — whatever our hibernating hole is — cozy if we were in your shoes, come winter. Since, cozy elements add much warmth to make the cold bearable. 

If you don't know how to make your home cozy for winter with decor accessories, we'll show you how the subtlest of details can make a big difference, including what we offer for winter and how to decorate around those pieces.


Give A Seasonal Refresh

In order for a house to be cozy, it must be clean and smell fresh. Seasonal cleaning is essential, whether it's deep cleaning, quick cleaning or daily cleaning. A clean house contributes to a cozy environment. 

So grab your cleaning supplies and get to work. To create a welcoming atmosphere throughout your house, burn scented candles or spray an air freshener — think winter scents, lavender, coconut, vanilla — as a finishing touch. 

Several studies, particularly reviewed by prove that good and bad odors impact us both emotionally and physically.

With smells that we like, we are more productive, generous, positive, and active. Though with smells we dislike, we are more aggressive, negative, and lazy. So you must choose one of those two odors for your home to decide the fate of coziness in your home.


Add Area Rugs

Rugs bring harmony. In fact, rugs bring character to any room and, more often than not, they tie loose ends together. A quick way to achieve that is to look for small rugs. Small rugs are great because you can throw them and go, and they'll take care of the "looking good" part for you. 

In addition, anyone who hates the slap of a cold floor under their bare feet should have small rugs for areas that are not carpeted. Not to mention, they balance out the overall temperature of your room.

We may have the perfect Bedside Runner Carpet for you. It's plush, non-slip, and you can place it right beside your bed, so your feet won't be greeted with the cold floor first thing in the morning. Plus, the colorful letters forming the word “Relax” will make you smile any day.


Invest In A Blanket

As pillows are key to creating a cozy spot, one without a blanket would not be complete. Whenever you want to snuggle, a blanket is a must for keeping warm and comfortable for a nap. 

Also, everyone craves a blanket when watching their favorite TV shows on Netflix, so having a few nearby will set you up for coziness in winter and live your best 'hygge' life. Make sure you get thick blankets, preferably knitted and fuzzy. Thin, cotton blankets won't do when you're trying to protect yourself from the cold this winter.


Add Warm Lighting

Lighting is an integral part of every home. It plays a huge role in setting the mood and making your home cozy for winter. In a movie, you might have noticed filmmakers often use warm lighting to portray a cold climate, a festive season, or a romantic vintage setting. Why? Because warm lighting makes us feel cozy and reminds us of cold weather. It's natural! 

In fact, 

“The color temperature of light likewise greatly affects the human body. Warm lights make the environment feel more welcoming and relaxing, while cooler lights make the environment more stimulating. Weak, indirect, and warm lighting tends to make environments quieter and people more relaxed. Although this may not be a good choice for a work environment that requires efficiency and productivity, it may be beneficial for a restaurant, a rest area, or a bedroom.”

Eduardo Souza, Arch Daily, "How Lighting Affects Mood.

Adding warm lighting to your home gives off the illusion of warmth and adds a relaxed aesthetic that allows you to take full advantage of the weather from inside. 

In order to introduce warm lighting to your house, use lots of lamps at night. You can hang fairy lights on the bed frame or on the curtain hooks to achieve the desired effect. Even candlelights, lanterns, and warm lighting bulbs around the house can provide you with the warm lighting you desire.  

It's true, seasonal depression is a real thing, also known as SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder), and it may help you to treat with light therapy, preferably warm lighting since sunshine is such a rare sight in winter. 

Winter blues will strike you every time the cold weather arrives, so make your home warm with warm lighting! Avoid going 'in your face' bright, rather keep it soft and dim. 


Add Throw Pillows

One can never have enough throw pillows! During winter, you’ll probably spend most of your time indoors; invest in some throw pillows then. They make lounging increasingly comfortable. 

Besides, the importance of having plenty of cozy spots in your home where you can curl up with a book and a cup of Joe cannot be stressed enough, and a nook without pillows cannot be cozy! 

Our adorable Daisy-Shaped Pillow defines cozy for you. It’s not only cute, but the fabric is the softest you’ll ever come across. The cold weather may never be on your side, but our bright yellow-centered pillow will. Use it as a substitute for your sun-deprived mood.  

Stay Cozy By Staying Warm

Home decor isn't all that makes winter special. 'Tis the season’ to eat more, sleep more, rest more, and one surefire way to stay cozy is staying warm in winter!

As a starting place, drinking plenty of hot beverages can help with that. If you are a mug hoarder or coffee/tea lover, a coffee mug will be a useful addition. 

Our Teddy Bear Coffee Mug is a double-walled, clear mug bearing a cute teddy face. Thanks to the double walls, they provide a stylish aesthetic to your beverage, are steadier than average single-sided mugs, and keep the beverage hot for longer. Need we say more?




We hope you liked our 6 tips on how to make your home cozy for winter. If you have any suggestions of your own, share them with us in the comment section.

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