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If you can't find it - Customize It!

We’re pretty sure you don’t like the taste of your own medicine, but you wouldn’t mind getting your taste into your home decor, right? We're talking about how you can design personalized home decor online with the help of our visual designing tool.  

By customizing home decor for personalizing your space, you can not only express yourself but also share memories with your family and friends as housewarming gifts and lots more. Your design can include a favorite photo with your friends, a family vacation photo, favorite movie lines, artwork, and anything you heart. 

Personalized home decor items are a keepsake and if they could become a thing of beauty or could somehow complement a nook in your room, nothing should prevent you from doing so! Let’s get started! 

Upload An Image


1. Click the customization button on the product you're customizing.

2. Upload an image file, logo, or artwork (minimum 1000px x 1000px). The higher the resolution, the better.

We're choosing a colorful artwork to help you understand better how to make personalized home decor items for yourself that meet your expectations.


Start Customizing


3. You can experiment with Crop/Mask or add Photo Effects to your image and remove the white from your image background.

4. You can choose a full-color print or multicolor option for the base. Though, if you don't want to apply any of these options: click Continue.

Please read the product specifications of the product you're customizing, so you know what fabrics and materials we use. 



5. Expand the arrows to fit your image to the dimensions. Flip or rotate however you like.

6. Customize your design with custom text and browse clip art graphics. You have the option to change the color of font and clip art however you prefer.


7. We are adding an "I Heart U" graphic from the clip art store. 

8. We're going to change the color of the heart from the built-in color options. You can also tweak the size of the clip art.

9. We have changed the red color to yellowish white.

10. Now, we're going to duplicate the clip art to create a 3D effect. 



11. We changed the color of the hearts: the first one is yellowish white, the second one red and the last white.

12. We also layered the hearts slightly atop each other to create a 3D illusion.

You could do funny doodles and stylized writing of your own if you aren't keen on clip art. Take it as a fun experiment and you'll come up with gorgeous designs! 


Double Check Your Design


Verify your design by clicking the eye on the upper right side, known as preview and fix any errors.

You can also share the design with your friends by clicking on the arrow next to the preview eye. You can even download your design as proof by clicking on the download button next to the share arrow. 

If you love what you see, add a note to our designers for any additional information. Lastly, add to cart to submit your design and input the product size preferences (if any.)


Check Out

Checkout by creating an account on our website. Fill in the form and hit submit. We will send a confirmation regarding the custom picture design and shipping details. 

Check the customizable products we offer to create your personalized home decor items online with our designing tool.

Take advantage of the design opportunity if you want to showcase your physical business logo or artwork as well to impress your clients!  

If you could not find the size and feature through an online customizer or simply have more ideas and want to address us, you can always email to start an individual conversation. 


What is your experience with creating personalized home decor? Comment Below!

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