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10 Anti-Depression Home Decor Tips For Seasonal Depression!

If you are also part of the 10 million people going through this seasonal anxiety and want to take immediate action, consider your home an important starting place.

Depression can happen to anyone, anytime. It's most common during the fall to winter months, aka Seasonal depression (SAD) — a lack of sun and short, gloomy days — which we briefly discuss in our tips to make your home cozy for winter.

Know that the effects of anti-depression home decor last longer than what you're expecting. Instead of just focusing on seasonal depression, we will also touch upon how your home affects year-long depression with steps you must follow to fight it. 

Why Start With Your Home

Our surroundings often influence our anxiety. You might wonder how, and you can find the answer to that in the clutter, plain walls, lack of greenery or a dull-looking space contributing to your stress factor. 

We are not by any means saying that home decor is the only remedy to snap out of a depressing mindset, but we will show you how small tweaks around your house can dramatically lift your mood and wellbeing.

We strongly believe in the saying: "Home is not a place, it's a feeling." 

If you feel anything other than satisfaction, relaxation, and comfort in your surroundings, something is definitely wrong. Getting no feeling from your house is also cause for concern. Your home is your sanctuary: where you spend most of your time.

If it does not contribute to your happiness or give you an escape from your problems, you need to introduce some subtle changes: where you can forget and block out the world for the better.  

Here's how you can change your home for good mental health. 

Spot The Problem

You can go all out with home decor to beat depression, styling, cleaning, and organizing. Even if that does not provide you with the comfort that you so desperately seek, you will only be wasting your time, because you are not doing it right.  

Instead, start by finding the root of the problem. 

Ask yourself these following questions:

  • What place in your home is causing you anxiety?
  • What exactly can you change around your home to improve your mood?
  • Why is that particular part of your home or room causing you stress?
  • What do you want your space to feel like: cozy, friendly, romantic, energetic, etc? 

Are you feeling depressed because of the season (winter depression), a disorganized space, an untidy home, or a home lacking in color and the ornaments and belongings you'd like there?  

In any case, making small changes around your home can help relieve stress, whether it's seasonal or long-term. 


Personalize Your Home.

A home without personality is empty and abandoned. Find items that evoke positive memories and sensory experiences for you in your home: a photo frame of your family, friends, or pets, a snuggly blanket, textured pillows, travel keepsakes, gifts from friends, etc. The more connected you are with things that bring you joy, the better your mental health will be. 


Trust The Greens.

There's a reason why everyone stresses about the greens; being close to nature brings you closer to yourself. Research proves that spending time in nature can considerably lift sour moods, and it's even better to bring that nature to your home in the shape of plants and flowers. 

For those who aren't the best plant caretakers, either choose a plant that doesn't require much maintenance or buy fake plants. 

The moment the greenery greets you first thing in the morning with its soulful sight, especially if you live in a dark and windowless space, you will realize its importance. In addition, plants have compounds that reduce stress and improve air quality. 


Add A Light Box.

Light therapy is a proven method for treating seasonal depression. Even if you suffer from year-long depression, abundant lighting from a light box can do wonders for your mood. Research confirms this. 

A light box offers the same light as the sun, but without the harmful UV rays. You can place it in a bedroom or kitchen and use it for a half hour after you wake up: it will boost your energy and mood. 

Don’t take it as a substitute for the sun, though. Try to enjoy the sunlight as much as you can: it does heaps for your health, and Vitamin D is an essential nutrient! Take advantage of it if there’s plenty! 


Go For A Paint Job. 

Color therapy is the real deal in anti-depression home decor for living in an anxiety-free zone! Going for a colorful accent wall or a colorful paint job overall is the quickest and simplest way to bring optimism into your living spaces. Yellow, red, orange and warm hues bring positivity, happiness and creativity. 

However, if bright colors aren't your thing, choose more pastel versions of these colors: they could do loads for your mental state. 

Even having a blue paint job could give the illusion of a sky and can have a cheerful impact on your mood swings. Above all, how you react to a certain color should ultimately be a deciding factor and if your response is good, go for it! 


Hang Sceneries. 

You must go to nature if nature will not come to you. Similarly, if you cannot go outside all the time, bring the outside to your home. Therefore, hang scenic paintings that depict your outside - perhaps a garden or park - to add a touch of greenery; they'll delight your eyes! 

Sceneries and scenic murals radiate positivity, especially if the scene in the picture is familiar to you and reminds you of good times. 


Arrange The Clutter.

How your wardrobes, drawers, rooms, and shelves are arranged can have a profound effect on your mood. Clutter only adds to your distraught mind: it's overwhelming and unpleasant! And trying to keep your mind sane in all of this clutter can be nearly impossible.  

Organize your space immediately instead of waiting until the last minute and you will feel like a great deal of weight has lifted from your shoulders. You will feel more content with the environment. 

Hire someone or ask a friend or family member to help you: a helping hand is always appreciated. 


Go For Colorful Accessories.

If you aren't a fan of colorful walls, or lack the funds to invest in one, add colorful decor to achieve the same effect. It could be colorful couch pillows, a lovely, sunny rug to brighten your room, colorful table mats, a cute foot stool — anything that brings color to your humble abode — will enhance your mood a great deal! 


Indulge In Aromatherapy.

There's nothing better than a home that smells good. You can forget your day's struggles when you are surrounded by pleasant smells. 

Use fabric pillow sprays, favorite perfumes, diffusers with your favorite essential oils, scented candles, air fresheners, or incense to make your house smell good. It may even coax you into a good night's sleep!

You can also bake yourself a cake and enjoy its taste as well as the cozy smell that will fill your home. 


Multiple Lights.

Dark, dreary spaces do not help anyone with anxiety. In winter, light is more important than anything else, so make the most of it. Multiply light by hanging mirrors and using sheer curtains to let in as much light as possible. Light will bounce and reflect off mirrors into the darkest corners of your apartment, creating a butterfly effect to improve your mood by bringing a lot of life to your home. 



Before we sign off, know that home decor alone will not cure your depression. If your situation is serious, talk to your friends, family, or get professional help. Use our anti-depression home decor tips simultaneously to fight your way to a healthy mindset. 

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How do you deal with depression from fall to winter? Please share your experience in the comments. 

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