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Built on the relationship between art and individuality

Pixa reminds us of the creativity behind pixel art and cartoons. And Pod is the concept of home - not for living alone but also for feeling joy and expressing freedom. 

What is home to you?

For us, home is where you don't have to hide who you are, be it in the shape of a cute rug you own, the sight of your sparkling shower curtain, or the glow of your new romantic desk lamp. 

We believe the right decor can transform a space. Each of us deserves to call a place our own, regardless of how often we spend our time there. Where you can be happy, be yourself, be safe and not bored! 

And in these small things lies the magic to feel more at home, make kids more cheerful, parties more alive, conversations more intimate, and lives more relaxed! 

“Home is not a place — it’s a feeling.”

Who's Behind The Scenes?

Hi, I am Caroline! I was born in Beijing and moved to the US at 17. For ten years, I have been moving from city to city. From living in a dorm to sharing apartments with multiple roommates and renting my place, I now live with my husband in New York. 

Whenever I moved, my first impulse was to personalize my space — to fill it up with unique pieces and create memories with it. Yet, the limited availability of unique items always stood in the way.

While we all think that our homes should represent us, the lack of inspirational and unique home finds prevents us from actually creating a space that we love. As a result, we have to settle for a standard style. My creativity also came to a halt because of the same thing. 

My frustration with being unable to find items that could make my environment work for me led me to Pixa Pod Home

Why Buy From Us?

We source globally 

We use eco-friendly practices

We offer fair pricing

We are a socially responsible business

We support local charities to help the homeless build better homes. 

With secure payment options and 24/7 customer service, what you see here is what you get at affordable prices.  

We have created a safe platform for buyers and designers alike. You'll stay informed of your purchases and artwork every step of the way. 

Design With Us

We are more than just a store

Apart from creativity, we believe in diverse tastes and empower those who share our passion for uniqueness. 

Whatever's in that pretty head of yours, upload your ideas on our website, and make them come to reality as floor mats, shower curtains, pillows, and much more.

Are You With Us?

For people who enjoy distinctive spaces, our brand is a haven of high-quality, unique decor. Even if your decor style is more conventional, a single unique piece of decor can enhance your entire living area: Uniqueness is that powerful! 

Check out our limited collection of lovely home accessories and get the good you want to see in your home life.