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Pixa Pod Fast Drying Handmade Diatomite Earth Bath Mat — Cat



  • Dimensions: 40 * 60 cm/1.31 * 1.97 feet or  50 * 80 cm/ 1.64 * 2.62 feet 

  • Material: Natural, and chemical-free Diatomaceous Earth 

  • Convenient Design: Handmade, Quick-drying, hard and firm, odor-fighting, super-absorbent

  • Available Colors: Light Grey

  • Care: Clean with a brush or directly with water. It will dry at room temperature quickly. 

  • Shipping: Arrives in 4-7 business days. You’ll stay informed every step of the way. It will arrive in perfect condition to you.



Invest in a natural, chemical-free Diatomite earth bath mat for your bathroom. This prevents you from slipping and falling when you come out of the shower with wet feet. If you want your shower mat to be non-slip, make sure you place it over a non-slip mat first. 

It's super-absorbent and fast-drying! And won't make a mess of your bathroom. Diatomite material, thanks to its tiny holes, lets water and wet footprints drain away right under your feet, unlike traditional shower mats which become wet mops. 

Even after being exposed to so much moisture, the fabric feels hard and firm under your feet and does not smell old. But make sure to upkeep regular maintenance to increase the life of your Diatomite earth bath mat.


Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

This bathmat is underrated. Its low key look did not draw my attention initially and i thought to give it a try. Then I was surprised by both of the classic style and its functionality. Prior to this, my bathroom was full of water after shower. Even if I put a towel or normal mat, it remained wet for a couple of hours.

Until the game-changer diatomite earth mat from Pixa Pod, my bathroom drys within a few minutes. No wet floor any more. Great product, highly recommended.

A WOW bath mat

My bathroom puzzle - how to keep the floor dry after shower
My solutions - Put a towel, a traditional mat, or nothing. None of them worked...
Till this Diatomite bath mat.
I do not know what the material is but it is amazing. The water from my wet feet dries out fast, like 30 seconds and the floor remains clean and tidy.

Pixa Pod Fast Drying Handmade Diatomite Earth Bath Mat — Cat