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Pixa Pod Chic Silhouette Face Waterproof Bathroom Long Shower Curtain



  • Dimensions: Approx. 6*6 feet / 180 * 180 cm

  • Material: Eco-friendly Polyester

  • Easy To Use: Simple assembly with 8 hooks white plastic set. 

  • Ideal for high traffic: Reduces moisture buildup and promotes airflow for a fresher-smelling bathroom.   

  • Color: Brown, light blue, black, orange red, beige 

  • Care: Gentle machine wash in cold water. Do not iron or bleach!

  • Shipping: Arrives in 4-7 business days. You’ll stay informed every step of the way. It will arrive in perfect condition to you.



Embrace the freedom to create your own individuality and express your creativity at home with our Chic Silhouette Face Shower Curtain. It’s a long curtain that adds some character and fun to your regular bathroom curtain.

Featuring our girl with a ponytail portrait in a mix of blue, pink, orange, beige, and black, this is a fun way to bring a cheery and fresh touch to your bathroom. Best of all? It has extra weight to keep water inside the shower, and the eco-friendly polyester fabrication is waterproof, yay!

It’s also super easy and simple to assemble on your shower curtain rod and comes with a white plastic hook set with 8 hooks. The fabric is thick and opaque. Being waterproof, these long shower curtains are breathable, which is why your bathroom won't smell musty afterward. You can even customize this rug with your own design here.

    Pixa Pod Chic Silhouette Face Waterproof Bathroom Long Shower Curtain