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New Year, New Arrivals 2022!

What's the most sought-after thing you seek for your home? Does it have to do with your personal taste or needs? With our New Arrivals 2022, we offer home accessories that not only reflect the new beginnings of this year, but also serve as a reminder to appreciate the little things in life and build new habits. 

We brought you a mug, two doormats, and a box of figurine collectibles in our New Arrivals of 2022.


Chunky Handled Mug.

Featuring a Nordic design with a chunky handle and even prettier colors to choose from, this fat mug will add some cuteness to your mug collection. It has the perfect look to become your constant for a cup of coffee in the morning. Regardless of what you use it for or keep it for, the mug will make you and others smile. Everyone will want one.



It's sturdy, secure to hold, and large enough for any kind of beverage. You can even use it to hold pens!



Doormats From Hello To You Are Here.



It is impossible to live without doormats. Of course, it's even better if you get good-looking ones to give your guests an actual warm welcome. In addition, if the rug carries a warm, inspiring message, you are already on the right path for greeting! That will save you the trouble of saying something that's obvious. 



Both mats are made from thick materials that trap outdoor and foot dust. No matter how much you rub off your shoes, a non-skid back will stay in place. They stay put and do their work.


Blind Box Toy Surprise.

Are there any figurine maniacs in your life? Or are you one yourself? Anyone who enjoys collecting toy figurines will enjoy receiving a blind box toy surprise from us. Furthermore, for diehard fans like you, the collectibles remain a surprise at the end of the day both for the seller and the receiver.


In total, there are five figurines available from the box, and the character you get is a surprise until you get it (of course). There's the Girl With a Pearl Earring, Van Gogh Self-Portrait, Kitchen Maid/De Melkmeid, Death of Marat/La Mort de Marat, and Mona Lisa, the hardest one to get. 

Keep buying to increase your chances of unlocking the special Mona Lisa. 


Stay tuned for more New Arrivals. We'll let you know what else we will be introducing moving forward.

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